Monday, December 14, 2009

Islamic Friendship Association Greeting Card (Booklet) 2007

There was more than one poem in the card this year, I will quote the first poem that comes up when the card is opened, the others will have to appear elsewhere.

The card message for 2007 was:

Season’s Greetings
Season of cheer
Year after year
With memories so dear
Reflecting God’s love
A reality with no illusion
Comforting against ignorance
Surmounting godless delusions
A season of love shared and reciprocated
Not gambling safety with beer
Nor its drunken sneer
Not risking life and reputation
Intoxication is capitulation
Braving sober celebrations
Enjoying delectations
Savouring the season
Life, and family make good reason
Remembering the young
And their delightful joy
Every time they unwrap a toy
It is great to celebrate
And to safely gravitate
Towards the joyous day
This year and again next year
With many happy returns and Cheer
And my undying love
(Keysar Trad)

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